Our Services

Ormrods CHC specialise in NHS Continuing Care, our team of nurses and admin support know from 1st hand experience what is needed to help families through this tough time. This means we have built our services around you. While our nurses address all the technical and clinical detail needed for a succesful claim or appeal we always keep you and your family at the centre of the process.

Our Services

Our core service is based on our excellent team of CHC Nurse Advisers. Along with our Client Service Manager they will support you and answer your questions whenever needed, alongside they will produce the medical reports required for a CHC assessment as well as communicating with the NHS for you.

In addition, we offer access to an experienced legal team at Ormrods Solicitors lead by Sharif Ela who has extensive CHC and Court of Protection expertise. Any financial issues are picked up by Richard Blackburn of Ormrods Financial Planning who holds the FCA permissions to give advice on care fees funding.

Should we need a legal or financial opinion for you, it is just a walk down the hall away saving your time and your money.

The Ormrods CHC

We provide a 4-stage support process to take you and your family through this testing time

  • 1. Free Consultation

    Contact us on 01253-850777 or enquiries@ormrods-chc.com and one of our trained CHC nurses will take you through the CHC process and help you decide whether to proceed with us

  • 2. Nurse Assessment

    One of our CHC nurse advisers will meet you, complete a full CHC report and then discuss the findings.

  • 3. NHS Assessment Request

    We will formally request the start of the NHS funding process and coordinate to ensure all evidence is available and you can attend the meetings

  • 4. The CHC assessments

    This 2-stage process can be difficult to families to navigate so we will both represent and support you throughout both meetings.

Fast Track Assessment

As part of our Nurse Assessment at Stage 2 we will consider Fast Track where appropriate. If it is decided that an application can be made under Fast Track, we will make the request on your behalf.


Should you not agree with a panel decision the appeals process exists to help you reach a satisfactory conclusion. Our team will provide an initial assessment of the validity of your grounds for appeal and can initiate and progress your appeal through to a final application to the Independent Review panel.

Retrospective Reviews

Sadly, many people spend many months and years in residential care/nursing home without being correctly assessed for eligibility for NHS Continuing Care funding. At Ormrods CHC we can offer a retrospective review for both current residents and those who have passed away.

Our team will build an historic health assessment and then set in place the mechanism to request that the NHS conduct a full retrospective review of eligibility.

A successful application can result in repayment of many months and years of fees.


Our services are flexible and can be used in way that best suits you and your family- we will build bespoke approach for you. We aim to get to know you as we realise that families are not just statistics but real people who need support and caring.

But one thing we tell all clients is that the sooner you obtain professional guidance the better the chance of obtaining funding.

The Process

1. Free Consultation

Contact us on 01253-850777 or enquiries@ormrods-chc.com and one of our trained CHC nurses will take you through the CHC process.

2. Nurse Assessment

One of our CHC nurse advisers will meet with you and complete a full CHC report. They will then discuss the findings with you and give clarity.

3. NHS Assessment

We will formally request the start of the NHS funding process and coordinate to ensure all evidence is available and you can attend the meetings.

4. CHC Assessments

This 2-stage process can be difficult for families to navigate. We will both represent and support you throughout both these meetings.


Do you have a question about a Equity Release? See our answers below to some of the most frequently asked questions we're asked. Something you can't find? Don't hesitate to get in touch, and we would be delighted to discuss them with you.

“My Mum has more than £23,250 in the bank so there is no point applying for NHS Continuing care”

This is common belief and causes many families to not make an application for NHS funding. Only Social care is means tested, if you or your family are shown to have a Primary Health Need then the NHS will be responsible for providing funds regardless of your financial position.

“We were told my relative wont qualify by the care home so not worth asking for an assessment”

The Continuing Healthcare assessment process serves many purposes as well as showing eligibility for funding. It will also ensure all care needs are being met and that the current placement is correct. But do remember that even if your relative isn’t eligible for full funding they make receive the Funded Nursing payment. If there is no recommendation for funding you will better understand CHC and established a base line should your relative’s health deteriorate.

“I have no power of attorney and my husband is no longer able to make decisions. Can I still ask for a CHC assessment?"

The simple answer is yes. The Care Act 2014 is centred around 6 principles designed to protect vulnerable people like your husband and we would expect both Social Services and the NHS to ensure he was correctly assessed in any case.

Sadly, this “best interest” approach is not always followed, and relatives have to make the request. In these cases, you are an “interested 3rd party” and your opinion MUST be taken into account.

“My aunt was assessed and awarded Funded Nursing Care contribution some time ago but the cost of the home has not fallen”

The weekly payment of £187.60 is made directly to the nursing home when a resident shows some but all the characteristics of a primary health need. Whether this contribution is set against the weekly cost for your aunt is dependent upon the contract that was issued. We would advise speaking via us to our partner firm Ormrods Solicitors to review the contract as your aunt may be due a substantial refund.

“Social Services have already completed an assessment without us present and tell us that my mother did not qualify. Mum can’t make her own decisions and as I hold power of attorney they say I will now have to pay all the fees from her money”

The CHC process is in 2 parts and it’s common for Social Services to perform the first stage known as a Checklist. However, if you hold a Lasting power of Attorney for either Health/Welfare or Property/Finance you would have a legal right to be involved in the process. Health/Welfare attorneys have an express right to be involved at all stages. Property/Finance Attorneys have to ensure any bills they pay are correctly charged- in other words was the process correctly followed.

“My father is being discharged from hospital into a care home and I’ve been told that he won’t be assessed straight away”

weeks paid care for your father after which the CHC assessment will take place. This deferment period is designed to allow your father to settle down and make sure any assessor sees him as he will be going forward and not as he was in hospital. You will not have to repay the cost of this stay.

“We were told that if we applied for CHC and mum was eligible we would have to move her from her current home. She is very happy there and we would not want to upset her”

This is misleading and far too common an occurrence. Full funding is available to your mum, if she has a “primary health need”, in whatever setting is suitable, that includes Care Homes, Nursing Homes and even her own home. There is every chance she would be able to stay where she is even if she was awarded full CHC.

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